Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

EastLake Community Church is a group of people who will KNOW GOD intimately and personally and will effectively WIN OTHERS to Jesus.

The Vision

It is our vision to fulfill the Great Commission by multiplying believers, multiplying leaders, and multiplying churches.

Our Core Values

WE WILL PRAY. We believe that our source of power is God and we know that only He can accomplish his will for  this church. Therefore, we will place priority on personal and corporate prayer. If we do not have time to pray, we know we are too busy.

WE WILL EVANGELIZE. We believe that evangelism is closest to the heart of God. It matters enough for Him to sacrifice His only Son. Therefore, we will aggressively and relevantly seek to win other people to Jesus.

WE WILL WORSHIP. We believe that as a part of God’s redeemed creation we desire to worship and adore Him. Therefore, we will provide an atmosphere of vibrant worship. We will worship God in many ways including
uplifting music, sound biblical preaching, passionate praying, and sacrificial giving.

WE ARE GOING TO BUILD STRONG RELATIONSHIPS. We believe it is God’s plan for His children to be connected to each other. We also believe that small groups are transformational. Therefore, we will be a church that provides multiple small groups for fellowship, discipleship, love and accountability.

WE ARE GOING TO BE INVOLVED IN OUR COMMUNITY. We believe that Jesus was involved in His community. He did not wait for them to come to Him, He went to them. We also believe that in order to impact our community
we must be present there. Therefore, we will not sit idly by waiting for the world to come to us, but we will go
 and meet them where they are.

WE ARE GOING TO BE A MULTIPLYING CHURCH. We believe that church-multiplying strategy is the most effective evangelistic methodology. We also believe that growing, healthy churches reproduce themselves. Therefore,
we will multiply ourselves by planting new churches from within our church and being a part of planting new
churches in partnership with other churches.